“It’s true that many a truth is said in jest but not all are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud or provide attention for your message from a high level decision maker. Stu Heinecke can show you how in How To Get A Meeting with Anyone.”

—Pete Wilson

Former Governor of California

“Stu Heinecke’s ability make contact through unique methods is phenomenal. He’s a creative genius.”

—Rick Dees,

legendary syndicated radio personality

“In a time of great need, it’s too late to start a relationship. Stu has bridged that ominous chasm between lack of access and the beginning of an important relationship using clever approaches to discharge the everyday tensions we all experience in business.”

—Russ Klein,

CEO, American Marketing Association

“In a super-connected world we’re actually anything but. Stu reminds us that in business, you actually have to connect on a human level to really succeed, and he is the Master guide on how to do that.”

—Bob Guccione, Jr.,

Media entrepreneur & Founder of SPIN Magazine

“With this book, Stu gives you everything you could possibly need to get all of the meetings
you could possibly want.”

—Bob Mankoff,

Cartoon Editor
The New Yorker

“Stu says, ‘When you hear ‘Executive Assistant,’ think instead, ‘Vice President of Access.’ This is so true—our role is to ensure that you speak to the right person at the right time during the decision-making process. I highly recommend that all salespeople read Chapter 15 at least three times!”

—Bonnie Wooding

Executive Assistant to top business leaders for over 30 years
President, Hywood Services

“Stu is a master innovator and creative virtuoso. What he has put together in this book is a true gift to the reader. If opening important doors is important to your success, you can’t afford NOT to read this book!”

—Dan Monaghan,

Co-founder WSI Digital — the world’s largest network of digital agencies

“Building trust and adding value are critical to cultivating profitable business relationships. Stu Heinecke and his Content Marketing Strategies have greatly contributed to our success.”

—David Rosuck,

Vice President – Marketing & Innovations
Pacific Life

“Go ahead and list a dozen or two impossible to reach, off-limits people that can change your life or career. Read and follow Stu’s guidance. Then change your life forever.”

—Dean Batson,

Assistant Director
Arizona State University Alumni Association

“Stu is one creative dude. Who else can run a campaign that catches the attention of a US President? Almost as crazy as using an AI to schedule a meeting :)”

—Dennis Mortensen,

CEO & Founder, producers of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence assistant who schedules
meetings for you

“Stu’s ideas helped me get a meeting with Amblin Entertainment and Stephen Spielberg, and continue to produce results for my company. Thanks to How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, now the entire world can get in on Stu’s precious secrets!”

—Jay Silverman

Creator & Executive Producer of The Cleaner on A+E Networks,
Director of Girl on the Edge, President of Jay Silverman Productions

“Stu’s secrets truly will show you – or your entire sales organization – How to Get a Meeting with Anyone.”

—Mark Cira,

PrintSF for

“I get several hundred unsolicited emails a day, and at least several dozen calls from people hoping to develop a business relationship with Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Stu’s mailer was one of the very few that got right through to me. My assistant brought it in and said “look at this”. I called him. Very creative—and effective.”

—Pat Connolly,

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

“In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Stu Heinecke opens your eyes to new creative and proven techniques that are a prescription for success for any sales force that wants to open doors and build lasting relationships—and have fun doing it!”

—Sandy Athenson,

VP & General Manager
Immucor Transfusion Diagnostics

“Success in sales – or any career for that matter – is heavily dependent upon reaching the right people, in the right way, at the right time. By following Stu’s methodology, you are likely to form strong and lasting relationships which will ultimately be critical to your success.”

—Sid Kumar,

Global Head of Inside Sales
CA Technologies