Book summary

Reaching important people—people who could lend a critical leg up to your career or business—is not easy. Phone numbers, email physical addresses are obscured from public reach. Receptionists and especially executive assistants ferociously guard the gate. And even if you do get through, a CEO is likely to cut you off before you even get to introduce yourself.

What you need is an unfair advantage. And that is what you’ll find in the pages of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, by Wall Street Journal cartoonist, hall of fame-nominated marketer, entrepreneur, Contact Marketing Radio host and author Stu Heinecke.

What this book will do for you

  • Provides twenty categories of “Contact Marketing” campaigns designed to help you break through to virtually anyone
  • Helps you convert executive assistants from gate keepers to allies
  • Helps you develop an “anti-pitch” that will have any CEO asking for more, rather than cutting you off
  • Opens the way to stunning growth, in your sales career, your business, your life
  • Enables you to attain equal business stature with CEOs, C-level executives and top decision makers
  • Helps you identify which people can make the most difference in your life, as a ‘dream’ client or strategic partner
  • Produce response rates as high as 100% and ROI in the tens of thousands of percent
  • Helps you reintegrate your sales and marketing silos so they combine to produce stunning growth
  • Takes you step by step through the process of creating and implementing a winning Contact Campaign

Why you need this book

  • If you sell for a living, it will help you produce much bigger numbers quickly
  • If you manage a sales team, it will help you transform it into a team of all-star producers
  • If you own a business, it will help you burst through to the next level quickly, with minimal expense
  • If you’re a marketer, it will help you produce far greater results, incredibly, with far less investment
  • If you’re a start-up entrepreneur, it will help you gain critical contacts and mass quicker
  • If you’re a CEO or C-level executive, it will help you grow your network and increase your effectiveness
  • Or if you’re just looking for your next job, it will help you stand out above all other candidates

Whatever you do, it will give you the unfair advantage of being able to connect with anyone, any time, to create the results you desire